Small sandblasting machine

Small sandblasting machine

Product Details

Small conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine manufacturer through type sandblasting machine

Conveyor automatic sandblasting machine is also called flat automatic sandblasting machine, assembly line sandblasting machine. It is a high-volume automatic sandblasting machine. The products that need sandblasting are placed on the left side. The automatic conveyor belt will automatically bring the sandblasted products into the blasting room. After the sandblasting is completed, the conveyor belt will take the products Bring it into the blowing room and automatically blow it clean, then the conveyor belt automatically takes the product out, and the product is taken out manually. The whole process is automatically and continuously completed. The user can also perform assembly line operation according to the actual situation of the factory. In this case, the entire production process can be realized without manual operation.

Small sandblasting machines are generally suitable for products: suitable for sandblasting of flat plates, plates, squares, profiles and other heterogeneous workpieces, such as: flat stainless steel plates, ordinary steel plates, glass steel plates, stone, non-stick pans, baking pans , Toasters, computer cases, functional DVD panels, notebooks, computer motherboards, decorative parts, badges, communication equipment, aluminum plates, profiles and other special-shaped parts, etc. The production fixture can also be used for batch sandblasting of small workpieces

Basic parameters of conveyor automatic sandblasting machine:

Equipment dimensions: 3400mm long * 900mm wide * 2850mm high

Sandblasting chamber size: 1000mm long*1100mm wide*1200mm high

Feeding and conveying size: 600mm wide * 350 high, unlimited length

Dust removal box size: 1000mm long * 1000 wide mm * 2200 high mm High-speed fan: 5.5KW (Kyushu) 1 set

36 cloth bags for dust removal

Sandblasting gun: 10 (nozzle: high-density boron carbide nozzle)

Blowing gun: 1

Perspective window: 1 lower sand bucket: 3 cyclone sand separators: 1

Lighting lamp: 2 20W explosion-proof lamps

Conveying motor: 750W (speed regulation can be achieved)

The scope of application of automatic sandblasting machine:

Conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine can eliminate the surface dirt (such as rust layer, oxide scale, oil stain, coating, etc.), burrs, scratches and other sundries on the surface of metal products, so that the surface can reach a matte state, and at the same time obtain Uniform sandblasting surface; cleaning and cleaning the surface during spraying, electroplating, oxidation, oil spraying and other processes to increase surface adhesion; the same can be used for surface text and patterns on glass, acrylic, stone, ceramics, etc. For the cleaning of surface burrs of plastic, wood and other products, different sand patterns can be obtained by choosing different sand materials, which can enhance the surface adhesion during oil injection treatment, and it is not easy to wear and scratch. The whole machine is suitable for flat workpieces, workpieces with a height below 320mm, such as flat aluminum plates, glass, steel plates, stainless steel plates and wood panels, cleaning molds, forging and casting parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts, glasses frames, stainless steel tableware, watch accessories, mobile phone hardware Shell, leather and leather goods, ceramic hollow carving, glass jade carving, stone and tile carving, wood crafts, digital camera hardware shell, electronic components, jewelry crafts, stamping parts and machined parts. Rough surface, descaling, slag and burr removal, rust removal and refurbishment of old parts; used for spraying and pretreatment procedures before electroplating to improve adhesion, removing carbides, and finishing treatments,

Swing motor: 400W with automatic swing gun frame (speed adjustment can be realized)

Conveyor belt: use triangle belt and screen

Maximum load capacity of the machine 90KG

Total power: 7.5KW (approximately)

Total weight: 2 tons (approximately)

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Product description of conveyor automatic sandblasting machine:

1. This machine is a plane automatic conveying type sandblasting machine, and the conveying speed can be controlled by frequency conversion and digital. Sandblasting speed is fast. The processing quality is stable and the operation is simple.

2. Put the workpiece on the conveyor belt during operation, and the sandblasting operation is automatically completed, which is simple and convenient.

3. The arc of sandblasting swing can be adjusted.

4. The spray gun and spray gun holder can be placed according to the size of the workpiece and can be rotated 360 degrees for sandblasting of various workpieces.

5. Equipped with a large dust collector and a special sand material and dust cyclone separator, which can separate sand material and dust, which can reduce sand material consumption and environmental pollution. Sand material can be recycled automatically.

6. This machine is equipped with 10 spray guns, each of which is individually controlled, and is equipped with a blowing gun, which can reduce the sand material attached to the workpiece after processing.

7. The special machine suitable for this product can be designed according to the size, shape and output of the customer's work piece. This machine can also be equipped with wet dust collection equipment according to the customer's work piece requirements.