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Advantage 1: Source manufacturer

Professional production-Various series of automation equipment

The company always insistsThe core values ​​of "Humanities, Technology, and Learning" have always been market-oriented and customer-centric. Professional production R&D automationEquipment, sandblasting machine, burr machine, shot blasting machine, etc. can be customized according to requirements.

Advantage 2: Professional team

Professional skill worker-On-the-job training, on-site service

The company's technical team accounts for the company's total number of peopleMore than 60%, technology-driven services, the technical team has rich R&D and design

Experience, familiar with the process and characteristics, and can provide one-stop services such as remote guidance, after-sales debugging and maintenance.

Advantage 3: Reliable quality

Scientific research and development, intelligent manufacturing, quality assurance

Baiyao sandblasting machine is a new type of surface treatment equipment, which can replace pickling and phosphating, is environmentally friendly and dust-free, and is widely used in machinery

Mold, electronic clocks, eyes, hardware tools, glass, ceramics, medical equipment and other industries involve a wide range of services, a large number of customers, and the market feedback rate has always been high.

Advantage 3: After-sales worry-free

Careful and thoughtful after-sales-Let you rest assured

The full name of the product is guided by a technician from delivery to delivery, commissioning, and use, until normal operation and use. For problems in the use process or unskilled operations, we are all dayProvide after-sales technical support 24 hours to ensure timely resolution of problems.