• Coarse edge machine

    Coarse edge machineBasic parameters: Model: BY-70MB Host size: 700*600*800MM Working cabin size: 500*400MM Power supply: 380V 50HZ Weight: 50KG Baiyao rough edContact Now

  • Double gun rolling blue burr machine

    Double gun rolling blue burr machineWorking principle Sandblasting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses compressed air to spray abrasives (copper ore, iron sand,Contact Now

  • Roller edging machine

    Roller edging machineThis machine adopts suction sand blasting, which uses compressed air to flow in the spray gun at high speed to form a negative pressure to pContact Now

  • Large burr machine

    Large burr machineThis machine is an automated machine specially designed for processing the burrs of thermosetting plastics, bakelite, resin and other producContact Now

  • Burr machine

    Burr machinePrinciple: It is to deal with the burrs of compressed or injection molded thermosetting plastic products. Self-contained projection device, Contact Now