Mobile sandblasting machine

Mobile sandblasting machine

Product Details

Hand heldMobile sandblasting machinePress-in type sand blasting is adopted. In the working state, the combined valve on the sand blasting tank moves to push up the top cone of the upper part of the sand blasting tank, and compressed air enters the sand blasting tank to start charging; at the same time, the sand valve at the bottom of the sand blasting tank Open, the booster air flow control valve opens, the compressed air in the sand blasting tank forces the sand from the sand valve inlet to the sand outlet, and the mixture flow accelerated by the booster air flows through the sand blasting hose It is pressed into the high-speed spray gun and further accelerated to supersonic speed by the high-speed spray gun. The sand is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece to be sprayed at a high speed for surface cleaning and strengthening.

In the working state, the compressed air and sand in the container are mixed while spraying, so that the compressed air can be fully utilized, the air flow and the flow of the sand are easy to adjust, the ideal mixing ratio can be obtained, and the energy and sand consumption are low. The research and sweeping efficiency is high, and it is suitable for large-area cleaning and rust removal of metal surfaces in shipbuilding, aircraft, rolling stock, bridges, and chemical industries.

Basic parameters of high pressure mobile sandblasting machine

Body height: 1500mm

Diameter: 600mm

Volume: 0.3 cubic meters

Working pressure 7bar (kg/cm2) 7 Pa (kg/cm2)

Number of spray guns: 2-3

Compressed air flow: 4-7m3/min

Features of high-pressure mobile sandblasting machine

Press-in working mode, high working pressure (0.5-0.8MPa), strong jetting force and high efficiency.

Quick start and quick shooting.

Wheel structure, easy to move.

Small size, easy to add sand, suitable for single operation.

It adopts American advanced sand valve structure, which can accurately adjust the size of sand and air pressure.

Adopt standardized pressure vessel manufacturing standards, comply with national and industry standards, and be safe and reliable.

Equipped with wear-resistant sandblasting pipes and nozzles to ensure normal operation for a long time.

The operation is simple, easy to repair and maintain, and low cost.

Configuration and technical parameters of high-pressure mobile sandblasting machine


Breathing filter

Protective helmet

Working pressure: 0.4-0.8mpa

Power supply: 220V

Control voltage: 24V

Control method: electric or pneumatic control

Sandblasting nozzle: ¢3-¢8

Consumables: ore, steel grit, steel shot

Level: Level 1

Filtration accuracy: 0.3um

Features: oil-free, water-free, safe

Working pressure: 0.2-0.8mpa

Temperature range: 10℃-50℃

Working pressure: 0.2-0.8mpa