Roller edging machine

Roller edging machine

Product Details

This machine adopts suction sand blasting, that is, compressed air flows in the spray gun at high speed to form a negative pressure to produce an insinuation effect. The sand in the separator dust box is sucked into the spray gun through the conveying pipe, and then the spray gun follows the compressed air flow. Nozzle high-speed spray gun to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of sandblasting.

Features of this machine

1. Features of this machine, simple and reliable structure. Convenient operation, high processing efficiency, low energy consumption,

2. The spray gun can swing, can be automatic, can be manual, and the spray gun can swing at adjustable speed.

3. The spray gun group adopts a fixed structure to adjust the spray distance and angle to achieve good results.

4. This machine is equipped with a separator, which can separate the usable abrasive from the useless dust, so it can greatly reduce the consumption of abrasive.

Basic parameters of Baiyao 6-gun crawler rolling automatic sandblasting machine

1: The overall dimensions of the host: 1230MM long, 900MM wide, 1920MM high

2: Working chamber size: 900mm wide and 600mm long and 450mm high

3: Dust removal box size: 1000mm wide 1000mm long 2300mm high (4 dust filter elements, 4kw high pressure fan)

4. Power supply: 380V 50HZ

5. Lighting: 220V 18W energy saving lamp LED

6. Air requirements: pressure 5-8BAR (KG/cm2) air requirements above 6 cubic meters

7. Dust removal fan, 380V 50HZ 5.5KW

8. Air volume: 2504M3/H

9. Track load: 100KG

10. The total power of this machine is about 7KW.

11. Operating time: about 5-8 minutes

Machine structure

Cold rolled steel plate

1 The machine is seamlessly welded by 3MM cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is painted, and the key parts of the sandblasting area are covered with silica gel.

Automatic swing

There are 6 spray guns in the sandblasting gun. The spray gun is equipped with 8MM and 60 long imported boron carbide nozzles. The spray gun is fixed with a fixed gun frame and can be automatically swung. The angle and position can be adjusted according to the user's product needs.

The design of this machine is novel, you can directly observe the whole process of processing and understand the processing situation at any time

The crawler automatic sandblasting machine is suitable for:

Sandblasting for mass production of various small workpieces, such as screws and nuts, zippers, small crafts, small hardware, gears, saw blades, round shafts, and batch processing of workpieces. The drums and rollers automatically rotate, which is convenient and efficient. The spray gun can be manual or automatic; it is also suitable for plastic products such as skeleton switch IC electronic plug-ins.