Double gun rolling blue burr machine

Double gun rolling blue burr machine

Product Details

Sandblasting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses compressed air to spray abrasives (copper ore, iron sand, emery, etc.) on the surface of the object to be cleaned. The abrasive in the sand tank enters the sand valve and mixes with air under the action of compressed air. Then the sandblasting pipe is sprayed from the nozzle to the cleaned surface for surface rust removal, descaling, residual sand removal, oil removal and other attachments, so as to achieve the ideal effect of enhancing the coating surface adhesion, surface strengthening and decoration.

BY-1080-2A Rolling Basket Type Automatic Sandblasting Machine Features:

1. Precision welded by 2.5mm-6mm steel plate and steel structure;

2. The appearance is cleaned by descaling, welding slag, sandblasting and electrostatic spraying;

3. All electrical components adopt well-known brands;

4. The forward and reverse rotation and speed of the roller basket can be controlled by frequency conversion;

5. The 180° swing of the sandblasting gun can be adjusted and controlled by frequency conversion;

6.Sandblast gun holder 360° imitating arm various spray angle adjustment;

7. The blasting abrasive is filtered and recycled through the inner cabin;

8. Reclaim after automatic timing stop during sandblasting batch processing

9. Emergency stop signal transmission safety device after induction of foolproof and anti-pinch hand;

10. High efficiency and good process effect; the sand material can be replaced according to the process requirements of the product workpiece.

11. The roller basket principle is set by gravity; the product does not leak out of the working cabin during the sandblasting process

BY-1080-2A Rolling Basket Type Automatic Sandblasting Machine Application Range:

Application products: micro parts, small workpieces, hardware products, dentures, ball heads, copper buckles, aluminum alloy electronic parts, screws and nuts, K gold, platinum, silver products, palladium, gold, jade, jade beads, diamonds, agate Stones, gems, pearls, earrings, rings, bracelets, springs, refills, watch accessories, glass balls, steel balls, resin, plastics, buttons, zippers, pliers, small products, etc.

Sandblasting corresponding process:

Electrolysis, electroplating, baking paint, anodizing, spraying, painting, powder spraying, blackening, vacuum plating, phosphating and other pre-treatment processes; deburring, burr cleaning, welding slag cleaning, dirt cleaning, piercing, scratching, Deoxidation, degreasing, renovation, rust removal, etc.; beautification, light decoration, matte, matte, engraving, texture, surface stress relief, anti-skid, enhanced surface adhesion, improved fatigue of rigid pits, and enhanced service life of steel parts .