Automatic shot blasting machine

Automatic shot blasting machine

Product Details

H-beam I-beam rust removal through-type automatic shot blasting machine

The specific process is as follows:

Workpiece conveying process: feeding roller table → chamber body roller table → purging → discharge roller table

Shot blasting cycle process: high-efficiency shot blasting → centralized discharge of projectiles → screw conveyor

Pill guide tube to shot blasting device←Control pill valve←Separator storage←Elevator

Ventilation and dust removal system: dust in separator → duct → settler → dust collector

Shot blasting dust removal → duct → settler → dust collector → purification discharge


(1) By adjusting the position of the locking limit gate, a pellet flow of uniform thickness and flow can be realized;

(2) The height of the air separation zone is 305mm, which provides space for effective separation of pellets and debris;

(3) The winnowing control panel is located in the first separation zone;

(4) Two adjustable separating plates can efficiently separate particulate matter and critical size pellets;

(5) The replaceable screen can be used to intercept large debris;

(6) Only good pellets that can be reused flow into the pellet storage hopper.

3. Other matters

1. The parallel motor control cabinet is equipped with a set of control equipment connected to the direct starter. The working voltage is 380V ± 10%, 3-phase, 50-1Hz. The pulse control circuit provides 220V voltage, and the total power supply capacity is fully satisfied with the power of the entire equipment ;

2. Pneumatic system The pneumatic system on the equipment is connected to each inlet point by the Asia-Pacific pipe, and the air path is equipped with a lubricator and filter. The demander is responsible for supplying clean compressed air to these air inlet points. The main air connections are the dust collector air bag and the pneumatic control pill valve air tank. A typhoon

The air compressor or corresponding air source of 1.5m3/min and maximum pressure of 1MPa is the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Lubrication All bearings (except the shot blaster) are self-lubricating with a sealed belt seat, and users regularly inject calcium-based grease (yellow dry oil).

Shaft-mounted reducer, fan-lubricating oil is not provided at the time of delivery, users need to prepare by themselves.

4. The basic drawings provide detailed dimensions, positions and distributed loads. The user needs to carry out the basic construction according to the drawings provided by the supplier. The basic cover is manufactured by the user.

5. Pill users need to prepare 2 tons of pellets with a diameter of 0.2-1.2mm.

6. Field wiring materials