Non-standard manual sandblasting machine

Non-standard manual sandblasting machine

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Features of non-standard manual sandblasting machine:

This machine is suitable for the surface sandblasting machine of wine jars and wine bottles.

Application range of sandblasting machine

1. Surface pretreatment: electroplating, painting, anode, Teflon, rubber, plastic, quilt, metal, spray welding, gold plating, titanium plating and other pretreatments to increase product surface adhesion.

2. Surface beautification processing: decorative processing and matting or matte surface treatment of various metal or non-metal products. Such as: gold, glass, acrylic, wave glass, crystal glass and other surface atomization processing, and can make the surface of the processed product metallic luster or natural color.

3. Surface cleaning processing: metal oxide layer or black skin after heat treatment, surface rust and black skin removal, non-metallic ceramic surface, black spot coloring, removal or painting regeneration, rubber mold and gravity die casting mold to remove oxide, residue or separation Removal of propellants.

4. Plastic burr removal processing: plastic, rubber, bakelite products, aluminum die-casting products and other burrs removal. Surface trimming and burr removal of electronic parts and magnetic cores.

5. Etching processing: surface modification and etching treatment for metals and non-metals. Such as: gold, jade, crystal, agate, seal, stone, ceramic wood, etc.

6. Electronic parts processing: packaging of electronic parts, removal of spilled glue and burrs, removal of printing on the surface of finished electronic parts, matte and etching of silicon chips, and cleaning of the backside of wafers without removing ceramic electric heating materials.

7. Stress relief treatment: cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and matting, renovation and stress relief for aerospace industry and national defense weapons.

8. Mold processing: mold surface, sandblasting, biting, cleaning, matte surface treatment, tire mold, shoe mold, bakelite mold, conductive rubber mold, electronic product mold, etc.

9. Sandblasting processing: The minimum size of metal sandblasting products is 0.2mm and the maximum is within 5 tons. Large flat stainless steel matte matte finish. Non-metallic sandblasting processing, large flat glass, acrylic automatic matte processing, plastic burr removal.

10. Repair and maintenance: repair automatic and manual dry and wet sandblasting machines, plastic burrs and shot blasting machines of different brands at home and abroad

Operation of manual sandblasting machine:

A: Connect to the power supply (single-phase 220V, 50HZ), turn on the power switch, the light is on, and the dust removal fan starts;

B: Put the parts to be processed on the workbench and close the work hatch;

C: Insert the work gloves with both hands, hold the spray gun in one hand, grasp the workpiece with the other hand, and aim the spray gun nozzle at the workpiece to be sprayed; you can also fix the spray gun on the bracket, hold the workpiece in both hands and move relative to the spray gun to complete the sandblasting action;

D: Lightly step on the foot switch, the compressed air is turned on and enters the spray gun, the abrasive will be injected from the bottom of the separator storage box into the spray gun according to the adjusted spray volume, and sprayed on the surface of the workpiece at high speed under the action of compressed air;

E: During the sandblasting process, on the one hand, it is necessary to maintain a proper spray distance and angle between the spray gun and the workpiece, and on the other hand, make the spray gun and the workpiece move relative to each other, so that the workpiece is evenly processed by abrasive spraying until satisfactory results are achieved ;

F: After processing, the foot must be removed from the foot switch and the spray gun stops spraying abrasives before opening the working compartment door and taking out the parts;

G: If you need to continue to process parts, you don't need to turn off the dust box fan and lighting power in the middle; otherwise, turn off;

H: To stop working after work, you must turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug, and disconnect the air supply connector.