Double-station manual sandblasting machine

Double-station manual sandblasting machine

Product Details

Features of this machine:

1. Novel design, convenient operation, easy to learn and use;

2. The cyclone separator can automatically separate dust and sand, so that the sand can be recycled and save product costs;

3. Equipped with a temperature controller to control the dryness of the abrasive to ensure that the abrasive is not wet;

4. Equipped with environmental protection dust removal device to eliminate environmental pollution and protect the health of operators;

5. All parts of the sandblasting machine adopt high-quality imported parts, with few wearing parts and long service life!

Function introduction of double-station manual sandblasting machine:

1. This model is a double-station sandblasting machine, which can be operated by two workers at the same time, which is convenient and quick;

2. Automatic sand return function, cyclone separator (can be installed according to customer requirements) can separate sandblasting machine dust and sand, reduce abrasive consumption;

3. The machine comes with a blowing function, no grit remains on the workpiece after sandblasting, and the workpiece is kept clean and beautiful;

4. This model is designed with double doors to facilitate sandblasting of longer workpieces and easy to take;

5. Independent dust removal system, more thorough dust removal effect:

6. A blower is installed to facilitate workers to blow away the remaining abrasive on their hands after sandblasting.

The main machine and both sides are equipped with operating hand holes to facilitate sandblasting of workpieces of different lengths. Both sides of the machine body have side doors, which are convenient for loading and unloading of workpieces and sandblasting operations. The hatch is welded by 2.0MM steel plate, and the inner side is reinforced by stiffener plates. The door frame is sealed by car sealing strips, and the sealing strips are double-sealed on the door.

The main application of double station sandblasting machine:

1. The pretreatment of the surface of the workpiece by the sandblasting machine: electroplating, painting, spraying, etc. are all covered by sandblasting before processing, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating.

2. Sandblasting machine cleaning the surface of the workpiece: metal workpieces such as castings, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts, etc., to remove oxide scale, residue, and dirt; cleaning the surface of non-metallic products, removing black spots on the surface of ceramic blanks and reducing paint lines Patterns etc.

3. Refurbishment of old parts by sandblasting machine: refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, and electromechanical equipment. At the same time, fatigue stress is eliminated and service life is extended.

4. The light decoration of the product by the sandblasting machine: all metal products and non-metal products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) surface traces are eliminated, and the argon light fog surface treatment improves the product surface quality.

5. Mold processing: argon matte surface treatment of the mold surface, graphic production, and mold cleaning, so as not to damage the mold surface and ensure the accuracy of the mold.

6. Burr treatment: remove the tiny burrs of machined parts, and eliminate the burrs of plastic injection parts.

7. Rework of defective products: Removal of defective covering layer of products, removal of defective surface coloration and printing.

8. Strengthening: increase the surface hardness of metal parts and eliminate stress, such as surface treatment of aircraft blades, springs, machining tools and weapons.

9. Etching and anti-skid processing: metal products, non-metal products surface etching patterns, text and anti-skid treatment, such as: marble, anti-skid handles, seals, stone tablet lettering, etc.

10. Denim clothing treatment: The denim clothing has matte, whitish and whiskers effects.

The following are common faults and troubleshooting methods of the sandblasting machine during sandblasting, for your reference!