Manual sandblasting machine for cart turntable

Manual sandblasting machine for cart turntable

Product Details


1. This machine is a special machine designed for molds or large, heavier and special-shaped workpieces.

2. It is equipped with movable trolley and turntable, special track trolley design, heavy workpiece can be hoisted on it, very convenient and labor-saving, only need to put the workpiece on the turntable of the trolley, and then push it into the machine. It can be engaged in sandblasting operations, which is very simple and labor-saving. A timer heater can be installed to prevent the glass beads from getting wet.

3. The turntable can be made to rotate 360 ​​degrees according to the size, weight and shape of the workpiece provided by the customer, and an electric speed control turntable can be installed to speed up the processing speed and easily control the sandblasting quality.

4. The window is made of toughened glass, and there is a layer of ordinary glass inside, which is very convenient and quick to replace, and the line of sight is very clear.

5. This machine uses powder baking varnish to meet the requirements of beautiful and durable use.

6. The designed upper cyclone separation system improves the efficiency of sandblasting and can fine-tune the separation

7. The tiny abrasive of 16#-320# greatly saves the waste of abrasive

Equipment dimensions: 1350mm long*1350mm wide*2200mm high

Equipment working room size: 1200mm long*1200mm wide*870mm high

Dust removal box integrated type: 550 mm long * 500 mm wide * 1700 mm high

Inlet size: 1000mm wide*1200mm high

Turntable size: 600mm diameter

Dust removal fan: 550W 220V 50HZ

Number of spray guns: 1

Cart: 1

Turntable: 1

Bench: 1

Operating holes: 4

Operating perspective frame: 2

Processing volume per time: 30-80KG

Power supply: 220V/50HZ/750W

Working pressure: 2-7BAR

Machine lighting: 2 220V 5WLED lights

Air volume of separator: 8.5m3/min

Dust removal method: bag dust removal box, using pneumatic automatic/manual dust removal

Air source requirements: pressure 7BAR (kg/square meter)

Flow rate: 0.8-1.2 cubic meters/min

This model can be customized according to customer requirements

Application scope of 1212 mould cart turntable sandblasting machine:

It is suitable for the mass production of discs, cylinders and polygonal workpieces, such as: electric rice cookers, heating plates, cylinders, bottles, resin crafts, FD shells, camera shells and other products for sandblasting. Can be customized according to customer needs (the number of spray guns, machine size, etc. can be customized according to customer needs), sandblasting of various round, oval, square, disc and special-shaped parts, such as: non-stick pan, electric Wok, rice cooker, bakeware (furnace), microwave oven, washing basin, heating plate (tube), aluminum porch, handicrafts, decorations and communication equipment, electroplating, spraying pre-treatment to improve adhesion; various molds, casting Deoxidize, remove residue, rust, degrease, and refurbish old parts on parts, stamping parts, metal surfaces; ceramic products, glass products, plastic products, polishing, atomization, deburring, deburring, and enhancing spray adhesion