Double-sided automatic sandblasting machine

Double-sided automatic sandblasting machine

Product Details

Features of the rollers of the double-sided conveying automatic sandblasting machine:

The total drive shaft is matched with 20 sets of feed rollers for workpiece conveying. The 20 sets of rollers can fully reach the speed and the tightness is consistent. And it can be adjusted by frequency conversion to meet the requirements of various sandblasting process effects and apply to sandblasting operations of plates of different thicknesses. The roller in the sandblasting operation part in the sandblasting chamber can swing left and right without affecting the functions of transmission and speed regulation. This device allows the equipment to process various workpieces of different materials according to the different process requirements of customers, and use different sand materials or It is used when the pressure or the sandblasting distance is selected or multiple guns are used for sandblasting operations. The loading worker puts the plate on the loading rack and pushes it into the first set of rollers in the main engine compartment. The roller rolls the plate into the main engine compartment. When the plate enters the predetermined position, the driving motor of the spray gun group starts, and the spray gun is started to spray at the same time. Sand operation drives the spray gun group to perform horizontal reciprocating sand blasting operations.

Double-sided conveying automatic sandblasting machine front and back sandblasting efficiency

The 7kw linear speed of the drive motor can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the adjustment range is 0-5 meters per minute, stepping control. In order to meet the customer's standards for different blasting effects for different materials of workpieces, the blasting speed can be set and the processing efficiency adjusted.

The spray gun group performs horizontal reciprocating motion during sandblasting operation. Driven by 750W servo motor. The line speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the adjustment range is 0-12 meters. Choosing a reasonable spray gun movement speed and workpiece conveying speed can achieve a variety of optimized job combinations. This machine can complete the sandblasting operation of various workpieces with different materials and properties. Each set of reserved two spray guns can be turned on under special circumstances to increase sandblasting power or to increase processing output. And there is no need to worry about increasing the burden of the dust removal system. The dust removal system equipped with this machine controls the actual power used by frequency conversion to complete effective dust removal and save energy consumption. (Due to the influence of factors such as the direction of sand airflow, the products produced by this machine will experience greater sandblasting force from the top to the bottom, so there will be a slight difference between the front and back of the product produced by this machine, which is a normal phenomenon. The user can distinguish the front and back for sandblasting according to their own product requirements. So that the product meets the process requirements.)

The double-sided sand blasting machine adopts suction sand blasting, which uses compressed air to flow in the spray gun at a high speed to form negative pressure to produce the ejection effect. The air flow is jetted by the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece at high speed to achieve the purpose of sandblasting the steel pipe

Basic parameters of double-sided sandblasting machine:

Specification model: BY-1500-10A (up and down)

Equipment dimensions: 7000mm long and 1500mm wide and 3100mm high

Equipment working room size (upper and lower): 1700mm long * 1000mm wide * 680mm high

Feeding port size (up and down): 350 high mm

Conveying surface width (up and down): 1000mm

Dust removal box size: 1000 length * 1000 width * 1800 height mm

Dust removal method: bag dust removal (49 pieces) can choose filter element dust removal

Dust removal fan: 7.5KW 380V 50HZ (drawer type waste hopper, pulse type dust removal)

Lighting: 2 18W LED lights

Number of sandblasting guns: 12 (aluminum alloy with boron carbide nozzle)

Product blowing gun: 1

Gun frame: with automatic swing gun frame (speed regulation can be realized) speed regulating motor 400W 380V 50HZ

Conveyor belt: triangle belt (plus green screen) speed regulating motor 750W 380V 50HZ

Shell: 2.5mm-6mm cold rolled steel plate welded