Garnet sand for environmental protection and energy saving sandblasting machine

Garnet sand for environmental protection and energy saving sandblasting machine

Product Details

Product name: garnet sand, special abrasive for sandblasting and shot blasting

Product model: 30-280#

Garnet sand description:

Garnet sand, also called water jet sand, is natural emery sand. Garnet is a natural non-metallic ore. Garnet has superior natural hardness, with a hardness of 7.5-8.0

The hardness is very moderate, with the pressure of the water jet, it can be used to cut almost any material. With the aid of ultra-high pressure water pressure, waterjet sand can cut any material, any figure, and any curve. Waterjet sand can ensure cutting accuracy


Cutting tempered glass,


Fast and accurate display, marble, wood, etc. During the cutting process, it will not cause damage to the workpiece, deformation of burrs, etc. Moreover, water jet sand does not contain free silicon and heavy metals, which is harmless to the human body.

The most important thing to pay attention to for waterjet sand is whether the particles are uniform. Too fine will cause waste of waterjet sand. Too thick will cause plugging of the water jet. The ore processing process of the garnet mining industry in Rizhao City is computer-controlled throughout. The sand has no dust, uniform and fine particles, and can be used efficiently. Even if it is no longer used as water jet sand, it can also be used as a filler for pavement floors. Dust-free waterjet sand cuts quickly, and dirty waterjet sand is prone to sand pipe plugging, and waste sand is difficult to clean up, which invisibly increases the purchase cost of the company. The sand raw materials in our factory are collected from underground raw materials. Garnet ore has good toughness and low crushing rate. Compared with weathered ore on the surface, the cutting speed is faster

Garnet sand mainly has the following uses:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving sandblasting machine sandblasting: moderate hardness, high bulk density, no free silica, high specificity, good toughness, is an ideal "environmental protection" type sandblasting material;
2. Free grinding: applied to free grinding in the fields of kinescope, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lens, jade, etc.;

3. Resin abrasive tools: with suitable color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle cross-section type and edge retention, it can be used as a filler instead of 20%-30% brown corundum to be used in resin abrasive tools, and the effect is ideal;

4. Coated abrasive tools: raw materials for manufacturers of sandpaper and gauze;

5. Functional filler: can be used as a wear-resistant material for building highway roads, airstrips, docks, parking lots, etc.;
6. Filter media: Use granular garnet as the bottom media of the filter bed to purify drinking water or wastewater.

7. Hydraulic cutting: Use abrasive as the cutting medium, and rely on high-pressure water jet for basic cutting.