Resin sand for wet sandblasting machine

Resin sand for wet sandblasting machine

Product Details

Product name: Resin sand/plastic sand

Product model: 30-150#

Application range of special resin sand abrasive for wet sandblasting machine:

1. Surface treatment of the workpiece, pre-treatment of the surface of the workpiece, and changing the performance of the machine, finishing the surface of the workpiece

2. The cleaning of rubber molds is better for complex molds. No damage to the mold itself.

, 3. Painting and skin removal: such as aircraft fuselage, aircraft components

5. Communication equipment: such as galvanized steel sheet, glass fiber or nylon components.

7. Cleaning: such as surface sealant, automotive components, nuclear purification, and separation from the hard shell containing carbon dust.

8. Surface treatment: such as rust removal, electroplating and painting pretreatment