glass bead

glass bead

Product Details

Product name: white glass beads

Product model: 0.3-320目#

Scope of application

1. Surface matt treatment of stainless steel products

2. Used for cleaning various molds

3. It can remove the tensile stress of various mechanical parts and increase the fatigue life

4. Cleaning and removing edge thorns before tin on semiconductor devices and plastic encapsulation tubes

5. Shot peening and finishing of medical equipment, textile machinery and various hardware products

6. Cleaning and removing burr residues of various metal pipes and non-ferrous metal precision castings

Product characteristics of shot peened glass beads:

1. Both soft and hard-made of high-quality materials, that is, it has certain mechanical strength, sio2 content is greater than or equal to 68%, and the hardness can reach 6-7

Mohs has enough flexibility, can be used repeatedly for several times, is not easy to be broken, the sprayed device has the same effect, and the service life is more than 3 times longer than ordinary glass beads