Stainless steel shot for small sandblasting machine

Stainless steel shot for small sandblasting machine

Product Details

Abrasive for sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine:

Product name: Steel shot

Product model: 0.3-1.0# stainless steel shot

Application scope:

Shot blasting, shot blasting, die-casting cleaning, channel steel treatment, casting shot blasting, forging shot blasting, forging shot blasting, casting sand, steel plate, steel, steel plate, H-shaped steel, profile steel, Steel structure cleaning.

Rust removal: shot blasting, shot blasting, rust removal of castings, rust removal of forgings, steel plate rust removal, forgings rust removal, steel rust removal, H-beam rust removal, steel structure rust removal, sandblasting rust removal, steel plate removal Rust, sandblasting room secondary sandblasting to remove rust, sandblasting room secondary sandblasting cleaning.

Strengthening: shot peening, heat-treated parts shot peening, gear shot peening.

Shot peening: section steel shot blasting, section steel sand blasting, ship board shot blasting, steel plate shot peening, steel shot peening.

Shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, profile steel shot blasting.

Sanding: Sanding treatment.

Pretreatment: pretreatment for painting, pretreatment for painting, surface pretreatment, ship plate pretreatment, section steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel plate pretreatment, steel structure pretreatment.