Frozen sand for burr machine

Frozen sand for burr machine

Product Details

Product name: Frozen sand, special abrasive for sandblasting machine burr machine

Product model: 0.25-1.5mm

product description:

Frozen sand is also called nylon sand. Its main raw material is polyamide fiber (POLYAMIDE); due to the different use temperature of PA material and PC material, the shape is translucent crystalline thermoplastic polymer particles. Nylon particles (deburring particles), soft and non-cutting, soft material does not damage the workpiece and has a long service life.

Product Usage

Mainly used for sandblasting and shot blasting equipment. During cleaning, it can remove burrs and spurs on the surface of the workpiece without causing damage to the surface of the workpiece.

Application of nylon sand:

1. Removal of spilled glue in the electronics industry: surface pretreatment of circuit boards, removal of spilled glue of electronic parts.

2 Clean the epoxy resin optics so that the detector: will not make the surface opaque.

3. Composite materials: It can be used to remove paint and coating from glass fiber, glass fiber and resin workpieces.

4. Mold cleaning: rubber and plastic can be cleaned. Slope glass and pressure pot mold without damaging the dimensional accuracy of the mold.

5. Aircraft removal: remove most of the aircraft paint, but keep the electrical show

6. Hair removal: remove small and slight hairs without damaging the surface of the workpiece.