The mobile sandblasting machine uses the power, flow rate and flow of compressed air
- 2020-03-14-

The mobile open sandblasting machine is a direct pressure sandblasting machine. With the power, flow rate and flow of compressed air, various abrasives are sprayed onto the metal surface. And the oxide scale is removed, the surface area is increased, the adhesion of the coating is improved, the coating quality is improved, and the internal stress in the structure can be removed.
Mobile sandblasting machineIn the working state, the compressed air and abrasive in the container are mixed and sprayed, so that the compressed air can be fully utilized, the air flow and the abrasive flow are easy to adjust, and the ideal mixing ratio can be obtained, the energy and abrasive consumption is low, and the cleaning efficiency High, suitable for large-area cleaning and rust removal of metal surfaces in shipbuilding, aircraft, rolling stock, machinery, bridges, and chemical industries. For any metal surface cleaning and rust removal, this equipment and compressed air can be used to obtain satisfactory results