The working principle of wet sandblasting machine uses sandblasting abrasive and liquid as the medium
- 2020-03-14-

The working principle of the wet sandblasting machine: It uses sandblasting abrasive (such as brown corundum, glass beads, etc.) and liquid (water) as the medium, and uses compressed air (air compressor) as the power to spray the surface of solid workpieces. Sand machine.

①The body is made of FRP materials, which is strong and durable and will not corrode.

②Using a new type of non-charged air control switch, simultaneously controlling the sand pump and compressed air, the operation is simple, safe and reliable;

③The design of the sand pump is reasonable, and the stirring is even, so that the surface of the blasted product is even and beautiful, easy to start, long service life, and convenient for maintenance.

④New and novel design, suitable for sandblasting of small and medium-sized precision workpieces.

⑤The parts are imported from well-known brands. Safe and reliable, with few wearing parts.

⑥It is recommended to use finer glass beads and various finer brown corundum, etc.!