With timing automatic sandblasting, inching positioning function
- 2020-03-14-

The burr machine is an equipment used to process the burrs of the thermo-hard plastic products that are compressed or injection molded. The self-contained projection device, the chassis, the endless belt conveyor, the dust collection device, etc. are combined into a whole. It is a simple appearance, does not occupy space, and is efficient High spray washing machine.

The projection material is projected on the product by the high-speed rotating impeller, and the flaky burrs and the burrs in the recesses or holes can be removed in a short time. The amount of projected power can be adjusted by the inverter keyboard on the control panel to an appropriate number of revolutions.

The spray washing room is composed of an endless belt conveyor, and rubber is laid all in the room. The thrown-in products are stirred in the forward rotation of the endless belt, and the effect of uniform burr removal is achieved by the impact of the projected material thrown out at high speed.

The projected projection material can be used continuously through a sophisticated circulation system. The powdery burrs and smaller projection materials are attracted and collected by the dust collector, while the larger burrs are filtered out by the screen.

In the middle of the suction pipe, there is a nozzle for humidification. A proper amount of moisture can further enhance the spray washing effect, prevent dust adhesion, and increase the life of the projected material.

Burr machineBasic parameters:

Model: BY-70MB

Host size: 700*600*800MM

Working cabin size: 500*400MM

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

Weight: 50KG

Features of Baiyao rough edge machine:

1. The machine uses cyclone to separate and automatically recover sand, suitable for 30#-180# sand.

2. Fast sandblasting efficiency, deep impact point and instant control system

3. Separation of dust and sand, saving abrasive, good environmental protection effect

4. The machine does not need to be driven by air, it can be used directly after adjusting the speed and time. (Time and rotation speed can be set)

Baiyao rough edge machine application range:

Suitable for fast sandblasting of small and medium batches, small and medium general workpieces and high hardness workpieces.

Such as: cleaning castings, heat-treated parts, burrs, residues, can polish the surface, pre-treatment before electroplating, especially suitable for rough burrs, burrs, rust layers, oxide scales, etc. of plastic parts such as bakelite, skeletons, and metal products Treatment does not need to be driven by air, and the speed and time can be set as required.