Environmental protection and energy saving sandblasting machine supporting requirements
- 2020-03-14-

The previous sandblasting machine has also improved the supporting requirements of the flat automatic sandblasting machine:

1. Power requirements of this machine: three-phase, 380V, 10KW, 50HZ power socket;

2. The air source requirements of this machine: dry, the pressure is selected in the range of 5-8bar, and the air compressor flow rate must be 0.8 cubic meters per gun;

3. Abrasive requirements: 30 mesh to 280 mesh glass beads or emery can be used to achieve the best effect.

4. Air source pipeline requirements: pressure-resistant hose, 1.5 inches or more.

5. Power line requirements: three-phase four-wire, over 8㎡.

6. Workshop requirements: strong and super flat ground, 30~50㎡ space, height above 3.8M.

Environmental protection and energy saving sandblasting machineAdaptation:

Suitable for sandblasting of flat plates, plates, squares, profiles and other special-shaped workpieces, such as: flat stainless steel plates, energy-saving steel plates, glass steel plates, stone, non-stick pans, bakeware, toasters, computer cases, functions DVD panels, notebook computer motherboards, electric iron soleplates, decorative parts, sign badges, communication equipment, aluminum plates, profiles and other special-shaped parts, etc.