Adjustable spray pressure of small sandblasting machine
- 2020-03-14-

Small sandblasting machineThe effect is as follows:

1. The model is small and easy to operate. The spray pressure is adjustable and easy to maintain.

2. It is suitable for abrasive materials of various materials and particle sizes, with good processing efficiency and low abrasive consumption.

3. The metal parts of the small sandblasting machine are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;

4. The surface of the part is not polluted, and the abrasive will not chemically react with the material of the part;

5. The small sandblasting machine can easily handle grooves, recesses and other difficult-to-contact parts, and a variety of abrasives can be selected for use;

6. The processing cost is greatly reduced, which is mainly reflected in the improvement of the working efficiency of the small sandblasting machine, which can meet various surface finishing requirements;

7. The small sandblasting machine does not pollute the environment, saves the cost of environmental treatment, does not produce floating dust during work, and greatly improves the pollution of dust to the environment and the health hazards to operators.

Product description of conveyor automatic sandblasting machine:

1. This machine is a plane automatic conveying type sandblasting machine, and the conveying speed can be controlled by frequency conversion and digital. Sandblasting speed is fast. The processing quality is stable and the operation is simple.

2. Put the workpiece on the conveyor belt during operation, and the sandblasting operation is automatically completed, which is simple and convenient.

3. The arc of sandblasting swing can be adjusted.

4. The spray gun and spray gun holder can be placed according to the size of the workpiece and can be rotated 360 degrees for sandblasting of various workpieces.

5. Equipped with a large dust collector and a special sand material and dust cyclone separator, which can separate sand material and dust, which can reduce sand material consumption and environmental pollution. Sand material can be recycled automatically.

6. This machine is equipped with 10 spray guns, each of which is individually controlled, and is equipped with a blowing gun, which can reduce the sand material attached to the workpiece after processing.

7. The special machine suitable for this product can be designed according to the size, shape and output of the customer's work piece. This machine can also be equipped with wet dust collection equipment according to the customer's work piece requirements.