Matters needing attention when sandblasting machine sand blasting cupronickel casing parts
- 2020-10-16-

Matters needing attention when sandblasting machine sand blasting cupronickel casing parts

As one of the main appearance parts of sealed electronic components, the quality of the cupronickel casing parts determines the first sensory quality level of the product. Cupronickel casings are generally produced by stamping and drawing processes, and the appearance quality problems are mainly manifested as surface pitting, bumps, scratches, orange peel, etc. andSandblasting machineCompressed air is used as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, which sprays the spray material to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at a high speed, which changes the appearance of the outer surface of the workpiece. Due to the impact and cutting action of the spray material on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is cleaned to a certain extent And relatively uniform roughness. Now let's talk about the matters needing attention when sandblasting the appearance defects of the cupronickel shell parts by the sandblasting machine:


First, before sandblasting, check the nozzle of the sandblasting machine and the tape and the connection firmly, check other sandblasting auxiliary equipment, and check that the object to be blasted does not need sandblasting or the pre-protection of precision parts. If there is no abnormality, it is fine. Perform sandblasting. Second, when sandblasting, the operating pressure should be controlled at 0.3MPa, the distance between the nozzle of the sandblasting machine and the metal surface should be 80mm~120mm, and the spray angle should be less than 15±5°. Third, when spraying, the workpiece (part) starts from one end of the sandblasting machine and gradually moves to the other end. The fourth is to keep in touch with the sandblaster when operating the sandblasting machine to reasonably control the sand flow; the fifth is to pack up the tools after the sandblasting machine stops, to clean the site, and the waste sand to be removed regularly; sixth, the sandblasting will have slight Floating dust, do a good job of safety production protection for operators.

Through the sandblasting process of the sandblasting machine, the pitting, bumps, scratches, orange peel and other quality problems on the surface of the cupronickel casing have been effectively repaired, and the expected target requirements have been met. Compared with other surface treatment processes, this treatment process has the following advantages: First, the sandblasting process is a more thorough, rapid and efficient way to repair and clean up the surface defects of the workpiece (parts), eliminating stress and surface Strengthen and improve the mechanical advantages of parts. Second, according to the technical requirements of the size and surface roughness of the workpiece (part), different types of abrasives, meshes and spray angles can be selected to achieve the best surface polishing of the workpiece, smooth and non-reflective, making the surface of the workpiece more beautiful . The third is that the sandblasting machine can effectively treat many traditional workpieces that cannot be treated with metal surface treatment, and can treat some positions or cavities that cannot be touched by manual polishing, so that the surface after the metal sandblasting process is smoother. It has An irreplaceable advantage.