Sandblasting machine manufacturers provide a variety of sandblasting machines
- 2020-03-14-

1. Box body: The box body is one of the most important components of the sandblasting machine. The box body is the box because of its name. The size of the box depends on the size of the product. For example: if your workpiece is 400 length 200 width 300 height, then the cabinet you choose is at least 600 length 400 width 550 height. Of course, there is generally no such model in the market. Most manufacturers have box sandblasting machines. Several standard models, this model can be used. If it is a larger size, such as 1 meter or more, generally non-standard models and need to be customized, then when you choose the cabinet, try to choose the standard, because the price is much lower than the non-standard price.

2. Dust removal fan: some box-type sandblasting machines have a separate dust collector, and some do not; but no matter whether it is equipped with a dust collector or not, there must be a dust removal fan. If it is not, it will not be visible in the box and cannot work. The dust removal fan can be placed in two ways: the first is directly behind the box, and a hole is opened behind the box; the second is on the cyclone separator, which is a cylinder that separates sand and dust.

3. Spray gun: The most important part of the sandblasting machine, it can be said that there is no sandblasting machine without a spray gun. Most box-type sandblasting machines use siphon (negative pressure) spray guns: such as general-purpose spray guns, KL spray guns, and KL (Kalle) spray guns. Switch on the spray gun, which can save a solenoid valve. The spray gun has a sand core, an air core and a nozzle. The most important and most expensive one is the nozzle.

4. Solenoid valve: The solenoid valve of the box-type Shenzhen sandblasting machine generally uses a solenoid valve with an interface of 4 points. The main function of the solenoid valve is to switch the gas.

5. Pressure regulating filter, some sandblasting machine manufacturers do not directly use pressure regulating filter, but divide the pressure regulating filter into a pressure regulating valve and a filter with the same effect.