Inhalation type sandblasting
- 2020-03-14-

Working principle of rotary sandblasting machine

This machine adopts suction sand blasting, which uses compressed air to flow in the spray gun at high speed to produce the ejection effect. The abrasive in the cyclone separator tank is sucked into the spray gun through the hose, and then sprayed to the surface of the workpiece by the nozzle at high speed along with the compressed air flow. To achieve the effect of sandblasting.

The sprayed abrasives fall back into the sand hopper for recycling. The dust generated during sand blasting is drawn out by the dust suction fan of the dust removal box, and separated by the separator, and the good abrasive is accumulated at the bottom of the separator and falls back to the sand storage for recycling. The dust is separated in two stages and sucked into the cyclone separator and the dust collecting trolley.
Working mode of rotary automatic sandblasting machine

Clamp the workpiece on the small turntable fixture, and when the large turntable drives the small mounting plate to move to the sandblasting processing station, the workpiece is driven by the small turntable to rotate slowly, and the spray gun moves up and down in two groups to blast the surface of the workpiece at the processing station After the processing is completed, the pneumatic door opens automatically. After the picking and placing of the workpiece is completed, press the start button, the big turntable rotates, and the cycle repeats. The inlet and outlet of the work piece adopts pneumatic lifting door, which can automatically open and close when the work piece enters and exits. This machine is equipped with 2 workpiece picking and placing positions, 2 workpiece processing stations, and a total of 8 spray guns.

1. The choice of sandblasting effect:

Generally speaking, the blasting effect is mainly determined by the blasting medium (abrasive), ranging from strong metal abrasives to soft resin abrasives. At the same time, dry spraying and wet spraying are also key considerations. Customers can bring workpieces to try. Okay.

2. The production efficiency determines the type of equipment:

According to the processing capacity, choose automatic sandblasting production line, semi-automatic sandblasting equipment, pressure sandblasting machine, and general pressure sandblasting machine.

3. Workpiece size to determine equipment specifications:

Choose the size of the cabin according to the size of the workpiece so that there is enough space to complete the processing work.

4. Compressed air requirements:

Determine the capacity of the air compressor according to the equipment specifications, and leave a margin of 20% to protect the service life of the air compressor.

5. After-sales service:

When you choose sandblasting equipment, you should consider the professional knowledge and experience of the seller or manufacturer. A good supplier can provide you with the most effective guidance and after-sales service.