Analysis on the Design Defects of Mobile Sand Blasting Machine
- 2020-04-19-

Analysis of Design Defects of Mobile Sandblasting Machine

Mobile sandblasting machineIt is mainly a kind of equipment for derusting, anti-corrosion, decoration and other treatments for workpieces. It can change the surface quality of the workpiece, and is generally used in the coating of large equipment, hardware products, and steel structures. However, the current mobile sandblasting equipment often encounters problems such as stopping the gun, stopping the machine, and blocking the pipeline. After analyzing these existing faults, Baiyao Automation found that the main cause of the fault is that the manufacturer is moving The design structure of the sandblasting machine has the following defects:


One is the design of the sand collecting bucket of the mobile sandblasting machine is too small, and the speed of the sandblasting machine is much lower than the speed of sandblasting (the manufacturer considers the overall dimensions, construction placement and transportation issues when manufacturing this equipment ). When the sand blasting machine's sand supply speed is much lower than the sand blasting speed, it will cause the mobile sand blasting machine to break the sand and stop the gun.

Second, the steel sand entering the mobile sandblasting machine is mixed with impurities, causing the top valve of the sandblasting machine to be stuck and shut down. This is also a problem in the structural design of the entire equipment. The gap between the screen tube and the baffle of the dust pill separator is too large, and the separated impurities flow into the sand storage box from the gap and enter the mobile sandblasting machine to cause the top The valve is stuck.

The third is the problem of poor recovery and flow of steel ash and impurities separated by the dust pellet separator and dust collector of the mobile sandblasting machine. This is because the pipe diameter of the lower ash pipe of the sandblasting machine is too small, resulting in too much dust and other impurities, which will block the lower ash pipe. In addition, the design of the lower ash pipe angle of the mobile sandblasting machine is too small, which will also cause the problem of pipe blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the pipe diameter and angle of the ash pipeline to avoid blockage.


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