Overview of dry rust removal and sandblasting machine
- 2020-10-30-

Overview of dry rust removal and sandblasting machine

Rust removal sandblasting machineIt is a cold processing equipment widely used in the surface treatment of workpieces, which can realize the functions of cleaning the surface of the workpiece, increasing the surface roughness of the substrate, and strengthening the mechanical properties of the substrate surface. At present, there are many types of rust removal sandblasting machines, such as dry sandblasting machines, wet sandblasting machines, environmentally friendly sandblasting machines, etc. Among them, dry sandblasting machines can be divided into suction type and press-in type.


Suction type rust removal sandblasting machine: theSandblasting machine is usually composed of fuselage structure, aerodynamic system, electrical control system, pneumatic auxiliary system, separation dust removal system and other parts. Its working principle is powered by compressed air. When the high-speed airflow flows through the spray gun, a negative pressure area is formed inside. The sand is sucked into the spray gun under the action of negative pressure, and then mixed with the high-speed airflow. Then spray from the nozzle to achieve the expected processing purpose. The sand blasting method of suction type rust removal sand blasting machine is because the sand is first sucked into the spray gun through negative pressure under the action of the air flow, and then sprayed out by the spray gun, so the initial speed of the sand before entering the spray gun is relatively small, so use this The speed of the sand sprayed by the spray gun will not be too high, especially for sand with larger density and particle diameter, it may not be absorbed in the spray gun, so that the sandblasting cleaning requirements cannot be completed.

Press-in type derusting and sandblasting machine:The sand blasting machine is what we often call the open sand blasting machine, which is usually composed of storage tank (pressure tank), body structure, aerodynamic system, pneumatic auxiliary system, electrical control system and other parts. Its working principle is based on compressed air as the driving force, and the compressed air is divided into two gas paths. The gas enters the storage tank, and the other is directly connected to the spray gun. The lower end of the storage tank and the spray gun pipeline converge again. The working pressure established in the storage tank facilitates the flow of sand material and entering the spray gun pipeline. The sand entering the sandblasting pipeline can obtain a higher initial shooting speed under the high speed of the airflow. Therefore, the initial velocity of the sand sprayed by the press-in type rust removal sandblasting machine is very high, and the work efficiency is also very high.