Overview of environmentally friendly sandblasting machine
- 2020-10-30-

Overview of environmentally friendly sandblasting machine

Environmentally friendlyRust removal sandblasting machineA set of recovery and separation system is added to the open sandblasting machine, that is, the spray gun and the recovery body are integrated as a whole. While the sand is sprayed, the recovery body immediately sucks the sand back into the cyclone through the pipeline. In the device, the cyclone separates the dust and the broken sand material to the dust collector, and the intact sand material enters the sandblasting irrigation again to prepare for the next use. Due to environmentally friendly rust removal and sandblastingThe machine is small in size, light in weight, convenient in sand recycling, easy to move and transport, etc., making it widely used.


Compared with the press-in dry sandblasting machine, the environmentally friendly rust-removing sandblasting machine can reuse the sand, greatly reducing the pollution of the sandblasting to the environment and the harm to the workers' body and mind, so it has been quickly promoted and applied . With the in-depth research of sandblasting technology and people's continuous pursuit of sandblasting efficiency, a continuous sandblasting type rust removing sandblasting machine has appeared, which can realize continuous sanding without interrupting the operation. The sandblasting work greatly improves the efficiency of the sandblasting operation.

The environmentally friendly sandblasting machine can solve the problems of environmental pollution and the inconvenient reuse of sand, but its shortcomings are also obvious. Compared with the press-in dry sandblasting machine, the current environmentally friendly rust removing sandblasting machine has the disadvantages of low work efficiency, serious energy loss, high cost, heavy weight, etc. Therefore, solving the above shortcomings is also the focus of the game of sandblasting machine manufacturers. It is necessary to start with the study of the defects of the sandblasting machine and analyze the reasons for its problems to improve the overall quality of the sandblasting machine.