Overview of the sandblasting system in the wet sandblasting machine
- 2020-04-19-

Overview of the sandblasting system in the wet sandblasting machine

Wet sandblasting machineThe sandblasting system is composed of sandblasting pump, spray gun, grinding liquid pipe, compressed air pipe and other equipment. The sandblasting system is the core operating device of the sandblasting machine. The basic principle of sandblasting is: the grinding liquid is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece at a high speed through a spray gun. It uses the grinding liquid pump and compressed air as the high-speed spray pressure to achieve the processing purposes such as anti-corrosion, rust removal, and beautification. The grinding fluid of a wet sandblasting machine is generally a mixture of clean water and abrasives, which is made according to a certain ratio. Grinding liquid is generally placed in the sandblasting tank at the bottom of the main body of the sandblasting machine. The liquid in the storage tank should be filled to the height of the overflow pipe on the upper part before use.


The sand blasting operation of the wet sand blasting machine is completed in the working cabin of the equipment. The spray gun is the main device for direct grinding liquid injection operation, and is connected with two pipeline systems of grinding liquid and compressed air. During the operation, the grinding liquid pump delivers the grinding liquid in the sandblasting machine storage tank to the spray gun at a certain pressure, so that it can perform sandblasting operations on the workpiece. At the same time, part of the grinding fluid in the wet sandblasting machine will be ejected from the stirring nozzle of the pump casing, so that the water in the storage tank and the abrasive are evenly mixed, so that the grinding fluid pump can work more effectively.

The compressed air of the wet sandblasting machine enters from the external air source through the solenoid valve, the grinding fluid pump and the compressed air system will start at the same time, and provide the grinding fluid and compressed air to the spray gun, so that after they are mixed in the spray gun, they can be mixed through the nozzle The gas-grinding fluid is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece. Since the wet sandblasting machine has a working mode that combines compressed air and a grinding fluid pump, the sprayed abrasive has a higher speed. Therefore, its working efficiency has great advantages compared with a single compressed air or grinding liquid pump sandblasting machine equipment.


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