Application of rust removal and sandblasting machine in steel beam sandblasting and rust removal
- 2020-08-17-

Application of rust removal and sandblasting machine in steel beam sandblasting and rust removal

With the continuous increase of steel structure buildings, many buildings use steel beam structures. However, steel beam structures are prone to rust after being used for a period of time. Many steel structures require anti-rust treatment.Rust removal sandblasting machineIt is a piece of rust removal equipment that is currently used in the rust removal of steel beams. It can not only remove the rusty material on the steel beam, but also change its physical properties to make it more closely combined with the coating. Let's talk about the process and essentials of the rust removal sandblasting machine in the steel beam sandblasting operation.


The rust removal and sandblasting machine should be operated in the skylight point,The work should be performed at a temperature above 5°C. Steel beam derusting is not suitable for sand, rain, fog, and humid weather. Machine tools and materials include air compressors, air storage tubes, air ducts, oil-water separators, sandblasters, sandblasting nozzles and connectors, sand transport carts and sand loading tools, iron wires, adjustable wrenches, pliers, etc.Preparations for rust removal and sandblasting machine: 1.Prepare dry, dust-free quartz sand with a particle size of 0.5 to 2.0 mm. 2.Check whether the sandblasting equipment and pipeline connection are firm. 3.Start the air compressor to test the wind and keep the wind pressure at 500~650kPa.

Operation essentials of rust removal and sandblasting machine:1. After the wind pressure is reached, first open the sand blasting cylinder air valve, and then open the sand valve for sand blasting and rust removal. At the end, first close the sand valve and then the air valve to prevent clogging. 2.The distance between the blast nozzle and the surface of the steel beam is 150~250 mm, and the spray angle is 45°~80°The diameter of the blast nozzle should be 5~9mm, the moving speed should be uniform, and the rust should be removed thoroughly without damaging the steel material. 3.The sequence of sand blasting and rust removal should be from high to low, first dead angle and then flat, first difficult and then easy. 4. DerustingThe blasting machine personnel and the wind sand control personnel should cooperate closely, strengthen contact, and adjust in timeThe amount of sand. 5.After the sandblasting is completed, apply dry and clean compressed air to remove the sand on the surface of the steel beamParticles, dust, rust, etc.