Structure of mobile sandblasting machine for steel surface
- 2020-05-09-

Structure of mobile sandblasting machine for steel surface

For steel surfaceMobile sandblasting machineIt is a kind of equipment specially used for the physical treatment of steel surface. Steel is a kind of metal material with a very wide range of applications, but it is damaged by the chemical and electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium, and the so-called corrosion phenomenon will occur. If these foreign objects are not removed before painting, the coating film will not be able to be removed. Curing or causing the coating film to crack or peel, especially the rust will continue to expand under the film and lose the meaning of coating. The mobile sandblasting machine on the steel surface can remove the scale, rust, grease, dust and other dirt attached to the surface, so that the steel surface can be repainted. Here is a brief introduction to the structure of this device.


The mobile sand blasting and suction machine for steel surface is composed of 4 sets of sand blasting systems, 2 sets of continuous suction and release sand buckets, bucket elevators, pill dust separator and dust removal system, pill storage box, air storage bag, and electronic control gas Control system and other components. These parts are very compactly installed on the frame that is convenient for hoisting, and can be hoisted and moved, making the entire sandblasting operation flexible and convenient. In addition, the mobile sandblasting machine for steel surface is also equipped with 2 high-performance vacuum sand suction machines to generate vacuum suction for sand and dust suction, and 4 movable sand collecting buckets for revolving storage of abrasives. When lifting and moving, reduce the overall weight and try to avoid full-load lifting.

The vacuum sand suction dust removal device of this mobile sandblasting machine can recover other abrasives such as steel grit or steel shot accumulated in the cabin. Its components are: cyclone dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, muffler, vacuum pump, motor, electric control The box is a whole, compactly installed on a frame that is convenient for hoisting. In addition, each vacuum sand suction device of the mobile sandblasting machine is equipped with a movable sand collecting bucket and a vacuum tube with a diameter of 6 inches.


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