Overview of sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-05-06-

Overview of Sponge Abrasive Low Automatic Sandblasting Machine

Sponge Abrasive of Baiyao CompanyAutomatic sandblasting machineThe core of the system is sponge abrasive, which has low dust and low ejection performance. This patented technology combines the absorption capacity of polyurethane sponge with the clean grinding capacity of traditional sandblasting processes. The flexibility of the sponge abrasive of this automatic sandblasting machine makes it flatten when it impacts the surface of the workpiece to be processed, instantly expands to 3 times the actual size and forms a vacuum, and can capture most of the air polluting particles that leave the surface after impact , Debris and other substances, so that the workpiece substrate is exposed.


Sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting equipment is mainly used for internal and external rust removal of workpieces. This equipment is mainly composed of abrasive supply unit and abrasive circulation unit. The abrasive supply unit consists of a storage cylinder and a central control panel. Its one-time storage capacity is 60 kg, which can be used to replenish abrasives during the sandblasting process. The abrasive recycling unit of the sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting machine is composed of a separator, an abrasive circulator, a waste recovery device and an abrasive recovery device.

The working process of the sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting machine: When it is used, the central control panel can accurately adjust the spray pressure and the sponge abrasive feed speed according to the specific fluidity of the sponge abrasive. The abrasive supply unit sprays the sponge abrasive to the substrate through the nozzle. Treat the surface. After the sandblasting is completed, under the action of vacuum airflow and pneumatics, the used abrasive in the abrasive separator is transferred to the abrasive circulator for classification and purification. After being processed by the classification device of the abrasive circulator of the sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting machine, the reusable sponge abrasive will be separated from the excessively large fragments and the used waste for recycling. In the entire process of the sponge abrasive automatic sandblasting machine, the four links of sandblasting, abrasive replenishment in the sandblasting cylinder, abrasive recovery and impurity separation are all operated independently.


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