Talking about the function and characteristics of wet sandblasting machine
- 2020-06-10-

Talking about the function and characteristics of wet sandblasting machine

Wet sandblasting machineIt is an environmentally friendly sandblasting equipment for surface derusting, refurbishment and corrosion protection of various types of materials. It is similar to the traditional dry sandblasting machine. It uses air compression as the power for the operation of the entire equipment, and then sprays the mixed liquid with water, river sand and other sand materials on the products that need sandblasting through the spray gun, and can Clean the paint and rust spots on these products. The difference between the wet sandblasting machine and the traditional dry sandblasting machine is that its abrasive is mainly a liquid, that is, a mixture of water and sand, which will greatly inhibit the dust generated during the sandblasting process. It reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment, and at the same time it does not produce sparks during the work process. Therefore, the wet sandblasting machine is very suitable for sandblasting in some flammable and explosive places.


In addition to the advantages of environmental protection, the wet sandblasting machine also has the following characteristics:One is small size and easy to operate. The volume of this sandblasting equipment is not large, and one person can carry out operations such as transportation, sandblasting, etc. It is very convenient to use, and it is suitable for rust removal and corrosion protection in almost all places.The second is high security. Since the wet sandblasting machine adopts air compression power, it can perform pneumatic control of the equipment, linkage exhaust, pressure relief and other operations, so that the pressure of the sandblasting tank is 0 when it is stopped, and the pressure does not exceed 0.8Mpa when it is started. This design not only reduces the safety hazards caused by pressurization during the operation of the sandblasting machine, but also ensures the sandblasting effect of the wet sandblasting machine.

In addition, the wet sandblasting machine also adopts the technology of shutting down and exhausting. When the sandblasting machine is stopped, the residual air pressure in the sandblasting tank can continue to press the abrasive into the sand pipe, and the sandblasting can be carried out directly when it is turned on again. Due to the effective control of the mixing ratio of high pressure air and abrasive in the sand pipe of the sandblasting machine, the pulse phenomenon will no longer occur when it is turned on, so that the sandblasting operation of the entire wet sandblasting machine can be smoother.