Points to note when buying a fully automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-06-19-

Points to note when buying a fully automatic sandblasting machine

As the domestic sandblasting equipment does not have a unified production standard, the current marketAutomatic sandblasting machineThere are many types of products, with different functions and quality. So how should users choose a suitable automatic sandblasting machine? The first is to determine your own budget; the second is to determine the function of the sandblasting machine according to the needs of the workpiece to be blasted; and then the automatic sandblasting machine equipment is tested. The following is a specific introduction.


When users buy a fully automatic sandblasting machine, the first thing they must do is to determine their budget. Because only the budget is determined, a preliminary screening can be done according to the budget, and the price of the sandblasting machine is quite different, ranging from tens of thousands to millions. Of course, its sandblasting effect, efficiency, function, and intelligence There are also world-wide differences in the degree of integration, service life, etc. You cannot compare tens of thousands of devices with millions of devices. It can be seen that determining a good budget is a very important link when purchasing a fully automatic sandblasting machine.

To choose a suitable automatic sandblasting machine. Many users may ask, what is suitable? Appropriate here actually means that the blasting effect of the workpiece to be blasted can meet the demand. Simply put, the fully automatic sandblasting machine selected can perform surface treatment on the workpiece and meet the requirements of relevant standards. It cannot be said to buy a sandblasting machine. As a result, its main function is to focus on rust removal, but the main requirement of the workpiece is to increase the surface friction. Therefore, the user must choose a suitable automatic sandblasting machine when purchasing Attention.

A comprehensive and in-depth test of the automatic sandblasting machine is required. Many users do not test at all when purchasing sandblasting equipment, or perform relatively simple tests, which will cause the sandblasting machine to regret later when problems occur. When testing the sandblasting machine, it is necessary to conduct in-depth testing from many aspects, and then select the appropriate automatic sandblasting machine through the test results. In addition, try to choose sandblasting machine manufacturers with high brand reputation and large-scale production, because the product quality of these manufacturers is relatively safer than after-sales.