Analysis of problems existing in dry mobile sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-01-

Analysis of problems existing in dry mobile sandblasting machine

Dry mobile sandblasting machineIt is an equipment that physically treats the surface of the workpiece. It uses compressed air as power to spray metal or non-metal particles as abrasives on the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed, and derust and clean the surface of the workpiece by impact and grinding. However, its conventional abrasives, such as copper ore, ceramics, steel grit, steel shot, etc., during the sandblasting process due to the hardness and brittleness of their own materials and the pressure of compressed air, they will become powder sand dust after they hit the surface of the steel plate. , This will bring a lot of inconvenience to construction and environment. The following is a simple analysis of the main problems of dry mobile sandblasting machine.


One is environmental protection. After the dry-type mobile sandblasting machine is sandblasted, most of the conventional abrasives have become powder and cannot be reused, so they have to be treated as waste materials, resulting in great waste. Even if metal abrasives with a saving rate of up to 80% are used, a certain amount of mineral dust and dust will be generated after sandblasting. This makes the dry-type mobile sandblasting machine after the sandblasting has a heavy workload of sand removal, cleaning, and waste sand treatment, and it is also necessary to arrange a waste storage yard. If you are not careful during the cleaning process, sand and dust will also be mixed into the air and affect the air quality.

The second is labor protection. During the blasting process of the dry mobile sandblasting machine, the abrasive is easily turned into powder, and it will be scattered directly in the blasting working environment. The sand and dust floating in the working environment contain a variety of heavy metal components and extremely fine particles. It can even penetrate workers’ protective clothing and masks, so it is extremely harmful to operators of dry mobile sandblasting machines. Workers working in this environment for a long time can easily cause toxic pneumonia or silicosis, and severe cases can lead to lung cancer. In addition, when the metal abrasive of the dry mobile sandblasting machine impacts the workpiece, it will produce flying debris, which bounces back on the body of the constructor, which will cause strong pain, and sometimes cause eye discomfort, injury and other eye injuries. .