​Overview of automatic wood sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-01-

Overview of wood automatic sandblasting machine

woodAutomatic sandblasting machineIn fact, it means that general abrasives impact and cut the surface of wood, so that the surface of wood can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness. Although the traditional sanding machine can also achieve certain effects, there is no way to adjust the sanding parameters according to the difference of wood. However, the automatic sandblasting machine can adjust the proportion of abrasives to obtain a suitable automatic The sandblasting scheme makes the cleanliness and roughness of the wood surface more finely controlled.


The wood automatic sand blasting machine adopts the suction sand blasting principle. A large amount of air is sucked in and compressed by an air compressor, and then transported to the spray gun through a pipeline. The compressed air will generate negative pressure due to the high-speed flow of the spray gun, and the abrasive box The sand inside is sucked into the spray gun through the hose and mixed with compressed air, and then the mixed fluid of compressed air and sand is shot onto the wood surface from the nozzle at high speed by the power generated by the negative pressure, so as to improve the surface roughness of the wood. The automatic wood sandblasting machine adopts the method of mixing compressed air and sand while spraying, so that the compressed air can be fully utilized, and the mixing ratio of air and sand can be conveniently adjusted to accurately control the wood surface The sandblasting effect.

The working process of the automatic wood sandblasting machine: First, start the sandblasting machine, and then the operator puts the wood on the conveyor belt of the sandblasting machine; second, the conveyor belt will drive the wood to the sandblasting cabin, press the sandblasting button , The spray gun will automatically sandblast the wood according to the required position; third, when the sandblasting operation is completed, the conveyor belt will send the wood into the blower, and then use the blower gun to blow clean the remaining sand and dust on the wood , Make the surface look more beautiful; fourth, the staff will unload the sandblasted wood from the conveyor belt. It is also worth noting that the automatic wood sandblasting machine adopts a continuous processing mode, which can continuously perform sandblasting operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of wood sandblasting.