Factors affecting the effect of wood automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-01-

Factors affecting the effect of wood automatic sandblasting machine

woodAutomatic sandblasting machineIt is a kind of equipment for treating the surface of wood. It sprays abrasives onto the wood surface at high speed through compressed air, so that the wood surface can obtain a decorative effect similar to the natural wood texture, providing a new way for the high added value of wood. However, in the actual sandblasting operation, there are many factors that will affect the sandblasting effect of the wood automatic sandblasting machine, as follows:


Abrasive: Among the abrasives of wood automatic sandblasting machine, the sandblasting effect of emery material is better. Compared with emery, glass sand is not sharp enough, so its sandblasting effect is slightly worse. When choosing emery abrasives, try to choose 100 mesh emery, because this specification emery abrasive has a very good blasting effect, and the 30 mesh and 60 mesh particle size is too large, which causes the wood automatic sand blasting machine to easily absorb However, the particle size of 180 mesh emery is too fine, and its sandblasting effect is not as good as 100 mesh emery.

Air pressure: The air pressure of the spray gun of the sandblasting machine should be determined according to the type and particle size of the abrasive used. The automatic wood sandblasting machine generally uses 100 mesh emery as the abrasive, so its air pressure is generally 0.49MPa. Although the wood wears a lot, the sandblasting effect is better. If the wood automatic sandblasting machine is lower than 0.49MPa, the pressure will be insufficient. Although the wood wear is small, the texture effect of sandblasting cannot be shown.

The distance and angle of the sandblasting gun: the spray gun of the automatic wood sandblasting machine should be kept at a proper distance from the wood surface, so that the sandblasting effect can be achieved better. According to many years of industry practice, the currently recognized distance is generally around 8CM. In addition, when the inclination angle between the spray gun of the automatic sandblasting machine and the wood surface is 45 degrees and 60 degrees, the difference in the amount of wood wear is not large, so when sandblasting, the inclination angle should be controlled at 45 to 60 degrees.