Operating common sense of automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-17-

Operating common sense of automatic sandblasting machine

Due to the needs of production, more and more companies are buying automatic sandblasting machines, and the application fields of sandblasting equipment are becoming more and more extensive. However, the sandblasting machine is different from ordinary mechanical equipment. If it is used incorrectly in the sandblasting process, it may cause harm to the user's body. Therefore, when using the automatic sandblasting machine, you need to pay attention to some basic operating requirements:


One is because the automatic sandblasting machine will generate some dust when removing oxides, rust and other debris on the workpiece, which will pollute the surrounding air environment. Therefore, the automatic sandblasting machine is generally set in a separate house, and an environmentally friendly ventilation system is installed in the house. In addition, when performing sandblasting operations, the doors and windows of the house must be closed to avoid air pollution.

The second isWhen working, do not exceed the allowable pressure of the full-automatic sandblasting machine, and generally control within 6 atmospheres. The working pressure is determined by the boiler inspection agency and shown in the certificate of each machine.When performing sandblasting operations, you should wear well-protected overalls and special hats with air.

The third is that the operators of the automatic sandblasting machine should be educated by special safety technology. They should know how to avoid being hit by sand when moving and placing workpieces on a machine whose pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure, and how to avoid being hit by electric current when working near the movement and transmission mechanism.In addition, if the automatic sandblasting machine fails, please do not disassemble and repair it privately to avoid damage to the internal parts of the equipment. The correct way is to notify the manufacturer immediately and ask the manufacturer to dispatch professional maintenance technicians to repair the equipment.