Safety operation regulations of automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-06-

Safety operation regulations of automatic sandblasting machine

Automatic sandblasting machineDifferent from other surface treatment equipment, it is a cost-effective surface cleaning equipment with higher surface treatment efficiency and lower price. It is usually applied to the surface derusting and derusting of easily corrosive materials or workpieces, and the deoxidizing treatment of non-rusting metals. In daily work, the operating procedures of the fully automatic sandblasting machine are very important, and it is directly related to whether safe production can be carried out. Here is a brief introduction to its safe operating procedures.


The safety operating procedures of the automatic sandblasting machine are as follows:

1. The gas storage tanks, pressure gauges, safety valves and other parts of the automatic sandblasting machine with major safety risks should be checked regularly to ensure that the equipment is always in a safe and controllable state. The specific measures are as follows: the gas storage tank shall discharge dust every two weeks, the filter in the sand tank shall be checked once a month, and the pressure gauge and safety valve shall be checked once every two weeks to see if it is normal.

2. Check whether the ventilation pipe and door of the automatic sandblasting machine are in a sealed state. Every time five minutes before the equipment is started, its ventilation and dust removal device must be activated first. If the ventilation and dust removal device fails or fails, the sandblasting machine must not be started to avoid damage to the equipment.

3. Before the sandblasting operation, the relevant operators must wear protective equipment. It is especially important to note that they cannot take off the protective equipment for the operation of the automatic sandblasting machine without permission due to hot weather or airtightness. Will cause great safety hazards, and even lead to safety accidents.

In addition, the automatic sandblasting machine needs to pay attention to the operation: the opening speed of the compressed air valve should not be too fast, so as to avoid the air pressure rising too fast, the air pressure should generally be controlled at0.8MPa; The particle size of the abrasive should be adapted to the workpiece, generally between 10 and 20, and the sand should be kept dry. When the automatic sandblasting machine is working, irrelevant personnel are prohibited from approaching. When cleaning the equipment and adjusting the operating parts, it should be carried out in the state of shutdown.