Working principle of environmental protection derusting sandblasting machine for pipelines
- 2020-07-14-

Working principle of environmental protection derusting sandblasting machine for pipelines

Developed by Baiyao AutomationEnvironmental protection rust removal sandblasting machineIt is not only in line with the trend of market development, but also in response to energy conservation and environmental protection policies. This is because at present, in the domestic sandblasting machine market, there is still a relatively lack of such automatic sandblasting and rust removal devices that can simultaneously meet the pipeline rust removal requirements and environmental protection standards. For a long time, foreign sandblasting machine manufacturers have monopolized the high-end technology and products of automatic sandblasting and rust removal of pipelines. In order to break this monopoly, domestic manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development of related technologies and products, and the environmental protection developed by Baiyao Automation The rust-removing sandblasting machine was born under this background. Here is a brief introduction to its working principle.


The working principle of the environmentally friendly sandblasting machine: the nozzle of this type of sandblasting machine is different from the traditional automatic sandblasting machine, it adopts a special nozzle design. It is to install a semi-closed cavity outside the sandblasting gun head, and then put a hard brush on the cavity, so that the hard brush can be tightly attached to the surface of the workpiece when it is working, and in addition The negative pressure recovery port of the rust environmental protection energy-saving sandblasting machine is connected with the vacuum pump to draw back air to form negative pressure in the semi-closed cavity. Under the action of negative pressure, the steel grit sprayed by the sandblasting gun head will return to the sand storage tank through the negative pressure recovery port after high-speed impact on the surface of the workpiece. The recycled steel grit will be separated by dust in the rust removal environmental protection and energy-saving sandblasting machine. The steel grit will fall into the sand storage tank due to gravity, and the separated dust and dirt will be dedicated The treatment device is collected in it, and then the dust and dirt are filtered through a professional filter element, and then discharged.

The environmentally friendly rust removal and sandblasting machine, in the face of such a complex and special environment as the pipeline rust removal and cleaning operation, not only has greatly improved the pipeline operating environment, so that the threat of the operating environment to human health is greatly reduced, but also increased The quality and efficiency of rust removal and sandblasting. Therefore, this environmentally friendly rust removing sandblasting machine is highly praised and favored by users in the market.