Overview of automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-08-05-

Overview of automatic sandblasting machine

Automatic sandblasting machineIt uses compressed air flow, pressurized water flow or centrifugal force to make abrasives (sand particles) impact the surface of the parts to remove all attachments such as rust, oxide scale, corrosion products and old coatings. The blasting abrasive grit used for spraying surface preparation should be hard, sharp and clean. CurrentlyFully automatic sandblasting machines can be divided into two categories. One is to use air or water as power and the other is to continuously convey abrasive to the high-speed rotating impeller, so that the abrasive flows along the impeller, and through centrifugal force, from the outer end of the impeller Rush to the surface of the part. This latter type of automatic sandblasting machine has a higher cost, but is economical in operation, and is generally suitable for occasions where a conveyor belt sends parts to a production line for processing. The former type of sandblasting equipment is divided into dry sandblasting with compressed air and wet sandblasting with water. The blasting equipment used for spraying generally uses dry blasting. Dry sandblasting has two forms: suction type and pressure type.


River sand, quartz sand (silica sand), emery sand (alumina sand), steel shavings, chilled cast iron particles, etc. can all be used as abrasives for automatic sandblasting machines. Choose according to the size, shape and hardness of the workpiece. The commonly used abrasives for spraying machines are alumina sand and silica sand. For general steel parts, the use of alumina sand is superior to silica sand. In the automatic sandblasting machine, the two kinds of sand with the same particle size are used for sandblasting comparison test. Since alumina sand is harder and less likely to break, it can be clearly seen that alumina sand has higher processing efficiency and better quality than silica sand. Although the selling price of alumina sand is higher than that of silica sand, due to the high crushing rate and high consumption of silica sand when used, it is necessary to eliminate the broken powder in time, which consumes materials, labor and time.So comprehensively, it is much more economical to use alumina sand for automatic sandblasting machines. The reason why the broken silica sand should be cleaned up in time is that the finer sand will affect the quality of the surface roughness; silica dust is also harmful to the human body.


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