Comparison of rust removal sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine
- 2020-08-05-

Comparison of rust removal sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine

Rust removal sandblasting machineIt uses compressed air to spray sand (or steel shot, cast iron shot, glass shot) onto the surface of the workpiece. At the temperature at which the sprayed material recrystallizes, the rapid sand (or iron shot, etc.) hits the surface of the sprayed workpiece to remove attached dirt. Object, strengthen the surface of the workpiece. There are two types of rust-removing sandblasting machines: dry sandblasting machines and wet sandblasting machines. Dry sandblasting machines are generally used for processing workpieces with relatively rough surfaces; while wet sandblasting machines are often used for processing more precise workpieces. For metal products with a lot of oil pollution, oil should be removed before sandblasting. The purpose of sandblasting is:


1. Remove burrs or other directional wear marks on metal products;

2. Remove molding sand on castings, oxide scale on forgings or metal products after heat treatment;

3. Remove rust, carbon deposits, welding slag and splashes, old coatings and dry oil on the surface of metal products;

4. Improve the surface roughness of metal products to improve the bonding force between the coating and the substrate;

5. Make the surface of the metal product in a diffuse reflection and extinction state;

6. Wet blasting the cutting tools can increase the service life of the tools;

7. It can spray flowers on the surface of materials other than metal, such as glass and ceramics.

The shot blasting machine is the same as the rust removing sandblasting machine. In addition to removing the dirt on the surface, it also has the function of strengthening the surface modification. The main uses are:

1. Produce compressive stress on the surface of metal products to improve its fatigue strength and tensile stress corrosion resistance;

2. Correct the distorted thin-walled metal products;

3. Instead of general cold and hot forming processes, forming large thin-walled aluminum products can not only avoid residual tensile stress on the surface of the part, but also obtain favorable compressive stress for the part.

In general, the application range of rust removal and sandblasting machine is a bit wider, and the process is more mature, and the use temperature of shot peening workpieces should not be too high, otherwise the compressive stress will automatically disappear at high temperatures.


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