Introduction of manual descaling and sandblasting machine
- 2020-08-11-

Introduction of manual descaling and sandblasting machine

Many workpieces will rust on their surfaces over time. Their existence seriously affects the performance and safety of the workpiece. Therefore, in order to ensure that the workpiece can be used normally, the workpiece is often sandblasted. Sandblasting of the workpiece can be done manuallyRust removal sandblasting machineFor the above process, the abrasives are generally 4~5 quartz sand and compressed air with a pressure of 5~7kg/cm². This kind of manual derusting and sandblasting machine has a wide range of options for sandblasting workpieces, but it requires higher skills and labor intensity for the operators.


Principle of sandblasting operation. In the manual derusting sandblasting machine, the compressed air entering the sandblasting gun will generate negative pressure, which will suck the quartz sand from the sand outlet and enter the sandblasting gun through the rubber tube, and then the sandblasting gun will This sand is sprayed towards the workpiece. This process can be carried out uninterrupted until the surface of the workpiece is smooth and clean.

Operation process. The operator stands (or sits) facing the sandblasting machine, reaching into the operation hole of the sandblasting machine with both hands, holding the sandblasting gun with the right hand, holding the workpiece with the left hand, and stepping on the air switch with the right foot. During operation, the face is close to the movable glass window of the sandblasting machine, and the operation conditions are visually observed. Both hands make the spray gun and the workpiece move in uninterrupted relative motion. The workpiece enters and exits the blasting chamber through the operating hole and movable glass window, and the larger workpiece enters and exits the blasting chamber through the side door on the side of the blasting machine. During operation, the sand particles of the quartz sand used by the sandblasting machine collide with each other and split into finer grained sand ash; if this sand ash is allowed to fly, it will not only affect the sandblasting operation, but more seriously affect the operator's body Health and surrounding environmental hygiene.

Therefore, when using a manual derusting and sandblasting machine, environmental protection dust removal equipment must be equipped so that the flying sand can be absorbed and blocked by the environmental protection dust removal equipment, thereby improving the sandblasting environment. In addition,In order to reduce the impact of dust on the human body during the sandblasting operation and reduce labor intensity, some factories have gradually implemented mechanized sandblasting.


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