Overview of automatic sandblasting machine based on smart chip design
- 2020-07-27-

Overview of automatic sandblasting machine based on smart chip design

The operation of the traditional sandblasting machine mainly relies on manual operation of a spray gun. The worker holds the workpiece with his left hand, and the spray gun with his right hand blasts the part of the workpiece that needs to be sandblasted. This kind of sandblasting operation is not only inefficient, but also a long-term sandblasting operation will increase the labor intensity of the workers. At the same time, in order to achieve a more ideal effect on the surface of the workpiece, there will be certain requirements on the level of operation of the workers. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of sandblasting, Baiyao Automation has designed and produced aAutomatic sandblasting machine, It is designed with a smart chip, which can put the workpiece to be sprayed from one side of the equipment, and when it comes out on the other side, it will be a good product that has been sprayed.


This full-automatic sandblasting machine uses chain conveying to transfer workpieces, and its entire sandblasting process is divided into four stations. The first three are conventional sandblasting stations, which can be sandblasted for three different parts of the workpiece. A total of five spray guns are designed for these three stations, and these spray guns are fixed inside the box. Moreover, the position of each spray gun can be fine-tuned, so that it can ensure that the sandblasting operation can be performed even when facing workpieces of different specifications. Specifically: The first station of this automatic sandblasting machine has two spray guns, which are mainly for blasting the knife part of the workpiece; the two spray guns of station two are respectively for spraying the top and back of the workpiece; Station 3 has a spray gun which is fixed on the oil cylinder and sprays the FACE surface of the workpiece through the up and down movement of the oil cylinder. Station 4 is the cleaning station, which uses air curtain blowing to clean the surface of the workpiece to avoid the workpiece. Bring the sandblasting out of the automatic sandblasting machine, resulting in waste.