Application advantages of automatic sandblasting machine in the paint fading of propeller parts
- 2020-07-27-

Application advantages of automatic sandblasting machine in the paint fading of propeller parts

due toAutomatic sandblasting machineThe surface of the workpiece can be cleaned, so that the surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness. Therefore, this equipment can also be applied to the parts of aircraft propellers for paint removal operations. At the same time, this is also what must be completed in a certain aircraft propeller maintenance manual. Compared with the traditional chemical paint fading, the automatic sandblasting machine also has the following advantages when performing paint fading operations:


1. Little damage to parts. Because the paint bleaching operation of the automatic sandblasting machine is a physical process, it relies on the abrasive driven by the high-speed airflow to remove the paint layer on the surface of the part by hitting. As long as the selected abrasive is suitable, the surface of the part can be prevented from being hit by the abrasive. Injury, you can get a better fade effect. However, traditional chemical paint removal methods are not only easy to produce chemical residues and cause surface corrosion of parts, but some also contain toxic substances, which are easy to cause harm to the air and operators.

2. Good fading effect. Because the shape of the parts of the aircraft propeller is irregular and more complicated,If you use copper wire brushes, scrapers and other tools to clean it, not only the effect of paint fading is relatively poor, butAnd it is easy to cause surface damage of parts. However, with the automatic sandblasting machine for sand blasting and bleaching, because the diameter of the abrasive is small, the surface of irregular partsThe paint layer was cleaned up.

3. Fast fading speed. The traditional chemical paint fading process is cumbersome and complicated. Generally, it takes at least 1 hour to complete a complete set of paint fading operations. However, it only takes 10 minutes to perform sand blasting and fading with a fully automatic sandblasting machine. The speed is very fast, which can effectively improve the paint fading efficiency of the entire part and save paint fading time.