The influence of different types of automatic sandblasting machines on glass cutting efficiency
- 2020-07-30-

The influence of different types of automatic sandblasting machines on glass cutting efficiency

Automatic sandblasting machineIt is currently the main equipment for cutting the surface of glass products. Its quality will directly affect the quality and efficiency of glass cutting. Judging from the history of its development in glass, the glass sandblasting machine that appeared at the beginning basically adopted the jet injection method, that is, the negative pressure generated by the air jet is used to suck the abrasive into the mixing chamber and spray it towards Glass, the cutting of glass has been completed. However, this type of automatic sandblasting machine is not suitable for large-area and high-efficiency cutting occasions due to low energy utilization and low sandblasting efficiency, so it is gradually replaced by direct pressure sandblasting machines. The direct pressure sandblasting machine is characterized by smooth sandblasting, strong shooting force, high energy utilization rate and high sandblasting efficiency.


The influencing factors of the automatic sandblasting machine on the cutting efficiency also include the rationality of the structural design, the continuity of the workpiece, the ease of use, the sensitivity and speed of the reaction, etc. With the rapid development of the glass deep processing industry, in order to improve the efficiency of sandblasting and reduce the time wasted due to the shutdown of sanding, double-cylinder single-gun and multi-gun sandblasting machines have emerged. Because the double-cylinder sandblasting machine can continuously add sand without stopping to add sand, it can greatly improve the work efficiency, so it has been widely used.

In addition, the factors that affect the efficiency of glass cutting are the abrasive condition of the automatic sandblasting machine, the proficiency of the operator, and the material of the sandblasting gun. From the above analysis, it can be seen that as far as a single factor is concerned, its impact on the efficiency of sandblasting cutting is very intuitive, but due to environmental conditions, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. For example, the caliber of the sandblasting gun should be as large as possible, but from the perspective of safety, because workers are prone to fatigue during long-term work, in principle, the caliber of the manually operated sandblasting gun is not allowed to be greater than 12mm. In addition, when the air supply of the air compressor is 6m³/min, if a sandblasting gun with a caliber of 12mm is selected, the cutting efficiency will not increase, but will decrease. Therefore, in order to improve the sandblasting cutting efficiency of the automatic sandblasting machine, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive analysis and deployment according to the environmental conditions in order to achieve the desired effect.


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