Gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machine
- 2020-07-30-

Gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machine

Gravity suctionAutomatic sandblasting machineThe negative pressure formed by the high-speed flow of compressed air in the spray gun is used to produce ejection, and the abrasive in the sand tankThe sand-passing pipe is sucked into the spray gun, and then is shot from the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at a high speed along with the high-speed mixed air flow to achieve the purpose of sandblasting. When the gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machine is in working condition,Compressed air and sand are sprayed while mixing, the compressed air can be fully utilized, and the flow of air and sand can be adjusted to obtainTo the ideal mixing ratio, energy and sand consumption are low, and the cutting efficiency is high.


The main performance of the gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machine: 1.The sprayed sand is impacted on the glass surface and cuts the glass surface. 2.It can disperse the residual stress in the glass and reduce stress concentration. 3.The blasting medium is copper ore, quartz sand, emery and so on. 4.The processing efficiency is 1~5㎡/h, and the actual output depends on the shape of the glass and the effect of sandblasting.

Features of gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machine: 1.Compared with ordinary siphon sandblasting machine, it can improve the efficiency of sandblasting. 2.Equipped with a blowing gun, which can blow off the sand and dust on the surface of the workpiece after sandblasting. 3.Dust-proof lights are installed in the engine room to ensure a clear view of workers during sandblasting operations. 4.The lifting platform and trolley turntable are used to manually push the workpiece into and out of the sandblasting chamber, which is convenient for workers to operate and can reduce labor intensity.5. Equipped with an 800mm*1000mm*50mm automatic lifting platform, the left and right sides of the lifting platform have a load-bearing booster roller,It is convenient for workers to load and unload workpieces, and can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers. 6.Equipped with a cyclone separator, which can separate the sundries in the sand and reduce the loss of sand. 7.Gravity suction type automatic sandblasting machineIt is equipped with a bag-type dust collector, which can remove the dust generated during work, and its exhaust gas emission can meet environmental protection requirements. 8.The pipeline is configured as a whole and is reasonable and beautiful.


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